My name is Dannon, and I started Blind Cat LLC to begin offering unique services to people, non-profit organizations, businesses, and pets in need. With a rather eclectic background and a keen eye for problem-solving and design, I love diving into tasks with an open-mind and a creative take. While the services I offer may seem varied and mismatched at first, I have found a peaceful synergy between web design, animal care, and artistic endeavors.

I got into website design after getting a degree in Applied Computing at UW Bothell, during which I focused on Data Visualization, Design, and Ecology. I believe in the power of data and the value of translating it into clear, understandable terms that reflect its implication. Design factors hugely into this, and I feel there is so much value in being able to show others without words or numbers how things compare. In my ecology courses, I learned about the roles of pollinators, salmon, streams, natural disasters, and ecosystem restoration. The vision was clear to me: bringing together these three pillars of knowledge, I knew I could do something that helped others realize what role they have in their local habitats in a way that was accessible and understandable.

During my time at UW Bothell, I had started volunteering for the Washington Council of Trout Unlimited, working on their social media. After some time of being apart of events, trainings, and other opportunities, I eventually was able to secure my first contract; redesigning and rebuilding their website. While the previous iteration had valuable information, it was incomplete in many ways. After migrating it to a new hosting service, working alongside the amazing volunteers and staff, I was able to produce a whole new site, full of valuable information, accessible design, and utilizing some of the amazing photos I had taken in my journey learning about salmon and our precious watersheds.

But why web design and in-home animal care?

In many cases, when I stay overnight with animals, they do not have a constant need for direct attention. While they generally appreciate having present company (and I appreciate having a furry, fun distraction!), much of the time I end up spending in people’s homes is downtime. Instead of leaving to a different job, I pull out my laptop and use the time to build websites. This combination allows me the unique flexibility to provide high-quality pet care and extended periods of uninterrupted time to design, program, and refine web pages.

When I am out and about with a dog on a walk, I also have an opportunity to snap pictures of the little corners of the world that often go missed. Mosses, lichens, fungi, and insects all catch my eye, and give me an opportunity to connect to the outside world which I love so much. Though I do go hiking on my own pretty frequently, I enjoy having the companionship of an animal and getting to explore new places with them. The walks usually give me an opportunity to reset and get right back to work after we have settled back in at home.

When the work is all done and everyone is fed, secure, and content? I love taking time to create pyrographic art, ink drawings, and to write! In addition to satisfying my need to express myself, these productive hobbies give me the chance to provide beautiful gifts and keepsakes for others and to express myself as I go along in life’s journey. As with all things, I operate with integrity and determination to do my very best, but I also carry a huge amount of compassion, kindness, and willingness to dispel my own ignorance. Art and writing give me a chance to challenge my own limits and to push myself to be the best version of myself that I have been, and it helps me find ways to do so in the other disciplines I celebrate.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and welcome to my website!

Where did the name Blind Cat come from?

When I was first preparing to start my business, I spent a lot of time considering names. While I could have gone for something more definitive or beautiful sounding, I decided that Blind Cat would be a perfect way to pay tribute to my beloved cat, Seeati. Born in Pennsylvania to a feral mother, she was found extremely ill with an upper respiratory infection that had spread to both of her eyes. Near though she were to death, as she traveled to the veterinarian, she began to purr in my arms. The beginning of that wonderful, loving relationship with that cat truly changed my perspective on resilience and what it meant to be fearless.

Tiny, orange, and fierce, she tumbled, ran, and leapt as she healed from her wounds and illnesses and received appropriate nutrition. While it was clear from the beginning she would never see again, her wounds were not severe enough to warrant surgery, allowing her to have the unique appearance you may see in some of her pictures. Despite her lack of sight, she was an incredibly brave cat; she loved nothing more than to go outside and was often stubborn enough to figure out ways to slip by if her human housemates weren’t careful. Eventually she conceded to wearing a harness, and for the first time, was able to run through the grass, pounce on bugs (sometimes successfully), and frighten the local birds just a little more than she had from behind the sliding glass door.

While losing Seeati was one of the most difficult things in my life, I feel so incredibly lucky to have witnessed her transformative journey. She was so very friendly and loved most people, often greeting them at the door even if all they were there to do was make a delivery. A sweet blind ambassador, she could make dog-people melt and those who did not typically like pets bow down for a few pets. Quite the conversationalist, she would chirp, mew, and make all manners of new sounds almost constantly, wrapping her striped tail with unusual prehensile dexterity around ankles, wrists, and necks while receiving affection.

I want to encompass that brave little cat’s spirit and try to be as bold, loving, and brave as she was in making this venture into the world. That’s why my company is named after her; I intend to push the limits of my abilities and step into this field as boldly as she did outside. I want to help others feel welcome in the online space and use the tools I know to make something that represents them, their company, or their mission. Together, I think we are capable of making a world we are proud to live in, at least in part, and help one another find safety, community, and our voices.